How to Handle Social Media in a Politically Charged World

You don’t have to quit social media because politics has taken over. In fact, it’s an important time to stay connected and informed. Remember these social media tips to stay up-to-date with news without losing your cool:

You Control Your Timeline

Do you even know all the accounts you’re following? Check your followers and make sure they’re full of accounts you trust, respect and enjoy. Have “hate follows” (people you love to hate and follow)? Unfollow them. You can find their profile when you want to touch down with them again. 

Screenshot – Don’t Share

Can’t hold back? Just need to join in the heated conversation? Don’t give people you’re annoyed with a retweet or share. It only helps them get more attention and engagement on their posts (which is what they want).

And it makes their post seem more important to social media algorithms. If you can’t hold back and have to trash them, screenshot the tweet and then share it as an image. You get out all the rage without any of the consequences.

Silence is Golden

You can actually silence accounts on Twitter or unfollow on Facebook. Why do it? You’ll still have their follow/interaction but you won’t see their hate. Keep your numbers without dealing with them regularly. You control when you want to visit their page.

Don’t Get Lost in the Comments

The comments section on Facebook and Youtube are a dangerous place. Don’t feed the trolls. Avoid comments at all costs.

The Truth About News

In 2020, just about any site can pose as a true news source, and paid ads are harder than ever to weed out. Even a seasoned social media user can get caught.

Only get your news from people and sources you trust – don’t bother clicking on random articles without scoping it out. You could be reading trash.

Don’t Forget the Original Golden Rule

Read the article not the headline. For most news sources, the article author doesn’t write the headline. The headline, especially along with the post text, is designed to catch your eye. It’s supposed to be dramatic. Often times the article isn’t nearly as inflammatory.

Keep these social media rules in mind, and you won’t have to avoid political social media.

Happy Tweeting!